Biographies of the hosts

James Banks

James Banks attended UC Davis, receiving a B.S. degree in international agricultural development.  He is the self-publisher of three books before the public eye: How Can We Love?, Awakenings, and most recently, Sometime in the 21st Century.  Notable books he hasn't yet finished reading (and yet may finish someday?) are Infinite Jest, Being and Time, and Lectures on Revivals of Religion.

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Richard Yeh

Richard Yeh attended UC Davis as well, his B.S. degree was in computer science. He is the self-publisher of a multiple re-tweet receiving Twitter account, as well as various pseudonymous web forum accounts. He is still re-reading Fear and Trembling. He is on the third problemata. Not coincidentally, he is attempting to take the Coursera class on Kierkegaard for the third year running.

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